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PANS & Encephalitis (Advocacy & Education) for Kids in SC

PANS and Encephalitis resources & support

South Carolina (health and medical)

About Us

Who We Are

We are an all volunteer group of South Carolina parents working together to advocate for access to medical care for children with PANS/PANDAS and other forms of viral/bacterial and post infectious encephalitis. Our mission is to educate, advocate and provide resources to families, educators and practitioners across the state of South Carolina. 

Who Do We Serve

Any child or family who has been diagnosed with PANS/PANDAS and/or post infectious encephalitis and needs access to resources or requires more information on this disorder. As parents of children who have experienced and lived with a diagnosis of PANS/PANDAS or post infectious encephalitis, we know how frustrating life can be. If you would like to schedule a presentation by one of our parent advocates or if you would like to volunteer please contact us below. 

Our Mission Statement

Advocate for a clinical access point for children in South Carolina with PANS and Post Infectious Encephalitis. (Medical services)

Create a South Carolina Advisory Council to inform and educate our community. 

Provide educational resources to medical providers, educators, therapists and other practitioners. 

Provide timely information, resources and support for families knowing that they need answers today. (Health and medical)

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